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Jute:The Golden Fibre of Bangladesh

Fibrecomm is the leading exporter of all sorts of Jute and Jute products. Jute is a natural fibre collected from the bark of Jute plants. It is durable, versatile, re-usable, bio-degradable and low in cost, superior to synthetic products, free from health hazard and environmental friendly.

It is mainly used to make Yarns, Hessian Clothes, Hessian bags, Sacking bags, Carpet backing Clothes etc. Jute Yarns are useful for all the pile carpets and carpet backing. The usage of Hassian clothes and bag are normally applied for the packaging of agricultural and industrial products. The specialty of sacking bags & clothes are used in packaging of cement, sugar, nuts, rice, wheat, maize, coffee beans, tea, flour, fertilizer etc. Terms of price, quality & service, Jute is an ideal product in today's environmentally conscious market.

Apart from exports, our long standing overseas relationship gives us superior access to products from all around the globe. We are one of the leading importers of carpets in Bangladesh. We are experienced and capable to satisfy customer demands for a wide range of products.