Montengero and India

Bilateral Agreements

  • Agreement on Bilateral Trade and Economic Cooperation
  • Agreement on Reciprocal Promotion and Protection of Investments
  • Agreement on Double Taxation Avoidance
  • Agreement on Scientific and Technical Cooperation
  • Air Services Agreement MOU on Cooperation in Tourism
  • Agreement on Cooperation in Culture, Education and Sports Fields

Montenegro Foreign Minister Milan Rocen visit to India

Montenegro Foreign Minister Milan Rocen on a three-day visit to India. High level talks with External Affairs Minister S M Krishna on bilateral matters and regional and international issues of mutual interest.

"This is an important milestone in bilateral ties as it is the first ever high-level visit between the two countries since Montenegro attained independence in June 2006," an official press release from the Ministry of External Affairs said.

Culture And Education

Montenegro and India cooperate under the ITEC/SCAAP programmes of the Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. Of India. Short duration training courses are offered to the officials of the Government of Montenegro under this programme in diverse areas such as audit, public expenditure management, WTO etc. Professional courses for foreign diplomats conducted by the Foreign Service Institute in New Delhi have also been availed by the Foreign Ministry of Montenegro to train its diplomats.  

Several dance and music performances by Indian artists have been held across major cities in Montenegro. Indian films have been also screened in Podgorica. A photo exhibition of Mahatma Gandhi was organized in Montenegro to coincide with the 3rd Anniversary Celebrations of Montenegro's Independence, in cooperation with Sri Chinmoy Centre of Montenegro.  

An exhibition of paintings of Ms. Tatjana Burzanovic, a Montenegrin national was held in Podgorica on 15th April. Through her paintings, Ms. Burzanovic has painted illustrations from Bhagvad Gita.    

A 06 member ICCR sponsored Kathak Dance troupe led by Ms. Rujuta Soman performed in Tivat and Budva on 29th and 30th May, 2014.

Tracing of Slavic Language with Sanskrit Language

Many Slavic words come from Sanskrit. So following are the word traced from Sanskrit to Serbian:

Sanskrit Serbian (English) Sanskrit Serbian (English)
bagas bog (god) brath brat (brather)
bhala bela (white) viva živa (alive)
budh budenja(awaken) chata ceta (platoon);
chatvaari cetvrti (fourth) (four) deti dete (child); 
div div (grand); dhr drží (carry)
dina dan (day);  dasha deset (ten);
dama dom (home);  dvi dva (two);
girya gora (mountain); grad grad (city); 
iskra iskra (spark);  kada kada (when);
kuta Kuca (house);  lip lep (pretty); 
lot ljut (angry); laghi laki, lagan (light);
ljubhva ljubav (love); matr mater (mother); 
mala mali (little); more more (sea);
mil mili (dear); muush miš (mouse);
nabas nebo (sky); nava novi (new);
naham nisam (I am not); paraha prah (dust);
prati protiv (against);  pancha pet (five); 
pena pena (bubbles);  rabh rob (slave);
rosa rosa (dune);  sa so (salt); 
sila sila (might,force); sas/ShaTa šest(six);
stan stan (lives there); sabha soba (room);
stala stol/astal (table); tata tata (dad);
ta taj (that person);  tvar stvar (thing); 
trassti tresti (shake); trang trag (track); 
tamas tama (dark); tri tri (three);
triydosa trinaest (thirteen); tada tada (then); 
vrt vrt (garden);  vicur vecer (evening);
vi vi (you); vas vas (you);
vatara vatra (fire);

Words relating to family relations that are identical:

tata (dad) 
nana (granny) 
brat (brother) 
sestra (sister)
strina (aunt) 
svekar (father in law)
svekrva (mother in law)
dever (brother in law)
kum (god father) (could also be latin-derived)
svastika (sister in law) 
prija (son in law's mother)

Economic Relations

Major economic activities in Montenegro, which may be of interest to Indian investors, are tourism and hospitality, agriculture, dairy, fisheries and food processing. Montenegro is also upgrading its basic infrastructure in areas such as roads, electricity transmission, renewable energy, ports etc. Some of these may also be of interest to Indian investors. A delegation of Montenegrin businessmen also participated in the India International Trade Fair in New Delhi in 2008.

Trade with India (in million EUR):









India’s Export








India’s Import








Total Trade








Political Relation

India's relations with Montenegro have traditionally been close and friendly since the days of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY) of which it was a constituent republic. India recognized Montenegro as an independent sovereign state on 2nd August 2006 and also established diplomatic relations with Montenegro thereafter. India's Ambassador in Vienna is concurrently accredited to Montenegro. 

Some bilateral visits and exchanges took place while Montenegro was still a part of FRY/Union of Serbia and Montenegro. After Montenegro became independent, the first incoming ministerial visit was that of Minister of Finance, Dr. Milorad Katnic, who visited India from February 8-15, 2011 to attend a Conference "India as a Global Power:  practicing Liberal Values at Home and Abroad" organised by Mont Pelerin Society.  He took the opportunity to meet Minister of State for Finance, Shri Namo Narain Meena.  

Montenegrin Minister for Foreign Affairs and European Integration Milan Rocen visited India from 10-12 April 2012 at an invitation extended by External Affairs Minister Shri S. M. Krishna. It was the first high level visit from either side since Montenegro’s independence in 2006. The aim of the visit was to establish political contacts at high level.  

The first round of Foreign Office Consultations was held in Podgorica in July 2009. Both sides emphasized the need to build upon the close and traditional bonds of friendship and to avail opportunities for economic and commercial cooperation for mutual benefit.  

MEA Protocol Divison

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