Future Plans

  • By 2017, the countries Montenegro, Albania and Serbia have all joined the ranks of the EU member nations.This follows several years of negotiations in order to bring these countries in line with the rest of the Union, in terms of economics and law.
  • Montenegro plans its future of research

    The University of Montenegro (UoM) has responded to the country's development needs by expanding its research capacity with help from the EU-funded Evolunimont project.
    Better research cooperation with European partners, more participation in the EU's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), and better defined quality standards, information exchange and research best practices are all considered important to Montenegro's future. The EU-funded Evolunimont initiative which was set up to evaluate research activities and improve strategic research planning at UoM. The project has helped the University of Montenegro draw up a profile of its research capability and quality factors. This work enables informed decisions to be made when conducting strategic research planning that supports regional and national economic development. The Evolunimont project also raises awareness of the importance of strategic planning among the research community and general public. The framework created by UoM has helped to establish standards and gain insights into better ways to evaluate research and research management. Information on best practice, together with the framework can be disseminated online and through workshops.
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