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It is a country that is ready to surprise you with its national cuisine! Hidden in the heart of Europe, like a pearl within an oyster, Montenegro can offer the visitor a variety of dishes that you may see for the first time or with familiar ingredients that are being presented in a new arrangement. Be ready to surrender your senses not only to exquisite food but also the hospitality of the Montenegrin hosts who will open the door for you, offer you the best seat at the table and with the best ingredients invite you to taste its culinary tradition.
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Traditional Meals

Cinque Terre
The first among the popular dishes is prsuta which is a pork ham dried and smoked in the old manner under the specific conditions. It is made from special bred pigs fed up only with the corn. It is dried in the height of 900 metres above sea level in the mountain range of Lovcen. The legs have to be left in a salt fusion for two weeks and then they are dried and hung in the dry and cool place for 5 to 8 months.
Another typical Balkan speciality is a cheese with a typical cottage consistency mostly accompanying prsuta. It is served with prsuta to receive a distinguished guest or for a supper. The cheese is made from cow's, sheep's or goat's milk. "Prevreli sir" is a delicious accomplished cheese or so-called "mladi sir" which is similar to our cottage cheese. The best cheese is made in Montenegro, it is the most delicious and of the highest quality.

Traditional Drinks

Cinque Terre
The Montenegrin wines have an old and long tradition and thanks to good conditions and climate their growing is very successful at the seaside as well as in the inland. At the first place it is the wine "vío vranac"- one of the best known Montenegrin wines. It has a specific taste and a dark ruby colour.
The most popular brandy is "lozova rakija" which is well-known and very strong brandy burnt from any kind of fruit. It is mostly grape, cereals or any other fruit. The Montenegrins burn it at home quite often and "rakija" is said to have curative effects. It cures a cold, artrodynia or eczemas. The most appreciated brandies among the Montenegrins are "prvijenas" and "kruna".
A traditional non-alcoholic drink is buttermilk. Its consistency is similar to white yoghurt, it has acidulated and slightly salty taste with refreshing effect, it smells very well.
Cinque Terre Montenegro’s natural resources and location on the Adriatic has done more than just attract visitors to explore the varied landscape. It has also produced bountiful supplies of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and other tantalising produce, which, cooked using a mixture of traditional methods has put Montenegrin cuisine on the culinary map.
Cinque TerreTraditional dishes in Montenegro are the result of both the country’s geographic position and its interesting history. Some would argue that traditional Montenegrin cooking has a slight Italian flair which can be seen in the way meats are cured, bread is baked, cheese is made and not forgetting spirits brewed.
Cinque Terre Sweat Treats: When it comes to sweet delights, one of Montenegro’s better known dishes is Priganice. These small airy doughnuts are prepared with flour, water, oil, salt and sugar and are traditionally served with honey, but Priganice can also be enjoyed as savoury dish.
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